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    Like every other city on the Black Sea coast, the abundance of seafood is manifested in the cuisine of Sinop. Although it is possible to eat various types of delicious seafood almost everywhere in the Black Sea, fish dishes combined with the local features of Sinop take on a different taste here. All kinds of fish caught in fishing nets in the Black Sea, especially Anchovies, are cooked in different ways and served. The dish named the stuffed pan is prepared with anchovy, an indispensable food of the Black Sea, which is the main ingredient, and it is one of the most famous fish dishes in Sinop. You can go to the harbor and have your meal on boats arranged as restaurants, and you can also take a short Black Sea tour.

    Most of Sinop's delicious dishes of local cuisine consist of pastries. Among them, nokul (pastry made with yeast dough) prepared with raisins, walnuts, minced meat or yoghurt, dough with meat (Sinop dumplings), folding are among the leading ones. Spoon sticker (mamalika), zılbıt pastry, hasuda, numbing dessert, sirık kebab that you can taste in Boyabat district, taktak halva are other local flavors in Sinop.

    Sinop, whose nature is very generous like its sea, has fertile lands. As a result, Sinop Chestnut is the most famous among the products grown in Sinop, where many fruits and vegetables can be produced.

    Sinop Nokulu, Boyabat Gazidere Tomato, and Boyabat Sırık Kebab are among the geographically indicated products.