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  • 48 hours

    in Sinop

    First Day

    The day starts with a splendid breakfast in one of the places where Sinop's local flavors are available. The main addresses you can visit on your first day in the city offering many alternatives are,

    First an Island tour and stroll in Karakum (promenade walking on the coast, which has a Mediterranean climate and is located at the northernmost point of Türkiye),

    Then visit Şahin Hill, experience a bird's-eye view of Sinop from the summit,

    Visit the Tomb of Seyyid İbrahim Bilal, the most important faith tourism center of the city,

    Visit Sinop Museum (ethnography-archeology), which contains the city's thousands of years of history,

    Visit Pervane Madrasah, shop for Sinop's local products, and then visit Alaaddin Complex and Mosque,

    Sinop Historical Prison, one of Sinop's brand values,

    Lunch where you can try local flavors,

    After that, Akliman, Hamsilos, Sarıkum, among the natural beauties of Sinop and the northernmost point of Türkiye, Inceburun,

    Bektaşağa Pond and Erfelek Cascaded Waterfalls, which are frequently visited by domestic and international tourists,

    Constitute points of interest that you can see and visit on your first day in the city,

    You can have fish for your dinner in one of the restaurants in the center of Sinop on the evening of the day. 

    Second Day

    You can start the day with the local flavors of Sinop, folding, nokul and tea.

    A visit to Boyabat Castle, which has preserved its historical identity for centuries,

    A visit to Boyabat Basalt Rockies,

    Salar Rock Tombs,

    Butchers Bazaar, shopping for local products,

    Delicious Boyabat Sırık Kebab for your lunch,

    After lunch, tour Durağan Terelek Rock Tombs with thousands of years of history,

    Durakhan Caravanserai, 

    Buzluk Cave Natural Monument,

    Saraydüzü Ambarkaya Tomb,

    Constitute the places you can see and visit on the second day.

    In the evening, come back to Sinop city center and eat Mantı (Sinaop style dumplings), which is a local flavor, for dinner.