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    You can listen to the sound of nature in Akliman Promenade area, Sarıkum Nature Area, Akgölde, Sorgun Waterfall, Hamsilos Nature Park (Hamsilos Fjord), İnceburun, and Erfelek Tatlıca Waterfalls.

    You can join the fun at the Happiness Festival held in the city, Sinop Kuzeyfest.

    Tatlıca Waterfalls

    Tatlıca Waterfalls, located in Tatlıca village of Erfelek district, consists of 28 waterfalls of various sizes lined up in the same valley. Located in a narrow and 2 km valley, the waterfalls are surrounded by beech forests. Listening to the flowing waterfall by walking in the forest has a truly fascinating impact. 

    Saklıköy Cascaded Waterfalls (Sorkun Waterfalls)

    Saklıköy Waterfall is hidden among the mountains, apart from the green and blue color in Gerze. Saklıköy Waterfall, located in lush forests, amazes its visitors with the color of the forest and the sound of nature. Hundreds of varieties of vegetation hidden on the slope of Asar Hill are described as the hidden little paradises of the world with its streambed hosting hundreds of different kinds of butterflies. 

    Sinop Coast

    Sinop is a special location for being a city that merges with the sea. The most important elements of the city are its famous beaches along with the opportunity to swim on its yellow and black beaches even in the city center. The wild Black Sea waves hitting the beach that stretches for miles enchant its audience.