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  • 10 vibes for Sinop

    like locals

    Do not leave Sinop before;

    Without visiting Türkiye's northernmost point, Inceburun, and listening to the sound of the waves and the wind, 

    Wandering to the Sinop Castle, which is on the UNESCO Temporary Heritage List, 

    Without enjoying Boyabat Sırık Kebab, which is one of the geographically indicated products, Sinop Nokul (pastry made with yeast dough) and tasting Boyabat Gazidere Tomato,

    Without trying Sinop Dumplings,

    Without examining the ship and boat models, and watching their construction,

    Without taking a walk at sunset on its long beach,

    Without buying Ayancık Linen Cloth, Ayancık Göynek Collar, and Boyabat cotton kerchiefs, which are among geographically indicated handicrafts,

    Without visiting İnaltı Cave and Basalt Rockies, 

    Hamsilos Nature Park is an area visited by most visitors who come to the city and see İnceburun and Sarıkum Lake, which are among the other attractions of Sinop. The Hamsilos vicinity, on the other hand, includes Hamsilos Port and its immediate surroundings, which is a natural harbor that is stated to be a fjord in many publications, based on its similarity to fjords in Scandinavia. The Hamsilos Fjord offers its domestic and international visitors a unique and insatiable visual landscape richness in which the sea, bay, and green coexist. Do not leave without taking a photo here,

    Without having your picnic in that unique nature in Akliman.